When I'm in charge of motorcycle and motorcycle component design:-

- alarms won't drain the battery if you don't use the bike for 3 weeks and forget to put it on the trickle charger. Seriously guys, an alarm should run for pretty much forever on it's internal battery. Just taking a small charge when the engine's running.

- Honda and Suzuki will find a regulator supplier that can supply a regulator that actually works and doesn't lead to a small pile of mostly broken batteries that don't really hold a charge any more. How long has this been going on? Nearly as long as camchain adjusters that don't.

- And batteries will actually last more than 5 years and survive more than 4 winters.

- The sidelight switch won't be an infinitesimal click beyond the steering lock but will actually require a separate button press on a lockout. Gah! How hard is this?

- So it's virtually impossible to walk away from the bike in daylight with the steering lock and sidelights on, only to return to a bike 4 hours later that won't start the engine. Yeah, I know. Always check. Except every once in a while, you don't.

- And even if you could bump start it (CVT transmission and clutch, no kickstart, hey-ho) the EFI needs a certain minimum charge to boot the computer. This modern life, eh? Bring back carbs, air-cooling, kick starts, dynamos, and minimal electronics that will run with the battery replaced by a capacitor.

- And the battery terminals will be reasonably accessible with jump leads. Not buried behind a screwed down cover and surrounded by plastic so you can't get the crocodile clips to stay put.
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