What's the best platform for building a public personal profile page?

It should collect all my posts and all my comments from all the networks and forums I'm on. It should show my status on the stats systems like Peerindex, Klout, Backtype, EmpireAvenue.

It should have basic personal detail and links to my profiles all over the web (the YASN-Roll).
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It should show my location and presence from things like Latitude, Foursquare, Skype and so on.

And finally it should have some basic skinning and customisation so I can make it my own.

This is all aimed at being a page that represents me on the web for other people to find, read and add comments to.

Now clearly, Ecademy is an option as we've already got a lot of this, but what about elsewhere? Friendfeed? About.me? Flavours.me? Google Profile? And what about the walled gardens like Facebook that don't allow their content to be exported. Even building a custom site using wordpress or such like with loads of plugins is a major undertaking and can't do a lot of this. Things like Friendfeed are pretty good at aggregating the content but haven't caught up with new services like Peerindex. And location is still a complete mess with precious little export of information.

I've asked this question on Quora, Buzz, Twitter, Friendfeed and Facebook. We'll see if it gets any answers anywhere. Feel free to answer there as well! [from: JB Ecademy]

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[ 04-May-11 2:10pm ]