I got taken in by a religious troll asking "Do you think it's possible that the Earth could only be 6,000 years old?" on Buzz. But I did spend a little while writing some rejoinders that I rather like. It was this comment that kicked off my comment storm.

Jay Lauser - It is very possible. There is no consensus among scientists about it because the answer is not experimental science at all, but a historical belief. The Bible clearly states that it is about 6000 years old, and since God is the only person who has been here as a witness the whole time and can tell us, it is foolhardy to doubt it. The science we do see today also leads us to that conclusion.

Julian Bond - @Jay Lauser assuming your answer isn't sarcasm, you appear to believe that the scientific method doesn't work. So no SUV, computer, TV or antibiotics for you then. In fact since your beliefs apparently preclude computers among other things, I must be dreaming when I see your comment in Buzz.

My imaginary friend was lonely so she thought she'd create something. The problem was that she was everywhere, everywhen and everyhow. So first she cleared a space in herself so there was a space where she wasn't. Then she dropped a tiny piece of herself into the space complete with a whole set of physical rules. It took several attempts to get the rules just right so that the system would evolve in an interesting way. 13.75 billion years later she was delighted when the first conscious beings started conversing with her. Some of those people were so amazed by the way the Universe looked exactly as if the voices in their heads telling them this were true, that they wrote it all down and called it the strong and weak anthropic principles. Not only did the Universe have exactly the right properties for them to appear and have these imaginary conversations, but somehow the conversations made the universe have exactly the right properties. The very fact that they existed now, created the Big Bang then. I've checked all this out on numerous occasions, and my imaginary friend thinks your imaginary friend is a retard. Unfortunately he also seems to be extremely good at indoctrinating children so I've decided to call him Pedogod.

Julian Bond - The Old Testament "Ancient of days" with his hairy beard really didn't have time in 6 days to do all the creating so he just did the broad brush stokes. Everything went fine for a couple of thousand years with just a big crystal blue screen with pinholes in it to represent the sky. But Man started testing his creation and that forced him to start filling in all the details. And it wasn't just fossils in the rock and a few moving stars. Before long Man created tools like telescopes and microscopes and now the race was on. All the way from quarks to quasars he was just managing to stay ahead of the game so that there was stuff to be discovered just before it actually was discovered. You want to know why the physicists haven't found the Higgs Boson yet? It's because God hasn't got round to that bit yet. He's too busy filling in the details of the first 10^-23 seconds of the big bang.

Julian Bond - I'm easily amused. And one of the things that amuses me is people who believe the literal truth of the Old Testament and it's god but don't apparently want to believe the literal truth of the New Testament and it's god. In the second, crazy dude wanders off into the desert and then comes back with his starvation induced revelation and tells people "You've got it all wrong. It's all a parable guys, stop trying to take it literally. Look, here's another one. It is like a grain of mustard seed..."

I particularly liked "Pedogod" ;)

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