Chocolate Cocktails - Cuatro Diablo
I've been working on the Bond chocolate cocktail. This one is named Cuatro Diablo because it involves the 4 Mexican devils. Tequila, Chocolate, Coffee and Chili. Ingredients:-
- Boston Cocktail shaker
- 2 Expresso cups
- 40ml Expresso
- 30ml (2 tablespoons) Quality hot chocolate powder/nibs with Chili. William Curley or Paul Young [1]. You could probably use Green and Blacks with some Tabasco. It's easier if your hot chocolate powder is already chili enhanced.
- 10ml Sugar syrup or Gomme
- A dash of Vanilla essence (optional)
- A medium quality white tequila. El Jimador is a good bet. Jose Cuervo or Souza is not good enough, but there's no point in going for a premium tequila.

You can probably make double the quantity in the one Boston shaker but that's it.

1) Put the cocktail glass and shaker in the freezer
2) Put an expresso cup of expresso in the freezer
3) In an expresso cup make a paste of the chocolate with just enough boiling water to melt it. Add the 10ml Gomme. Add just enough water so you end up with a little more than 40ml of liquid. If you want add a few drops of vanilla essence to the mix. Put this cup in the freezer as well.
4) Wait as long as you can stand it for the hot liquids to cool.
5)1/2 to 2/3 fill the shaker with ice rocks. Don't bother with crushed ice as the cocktail will end up too watery.
6) Add 40ml tequila, 40ml expresso, 40ml chocolate mix.
7) Shake and pour into your chilled cocktail glass. If you give it a good shake, you'll end up with a thin foam top
8) Optionally dust with a little cocoa powder.
9) Enjoy!

What you're aiming for is enough sweetness and chocolateness to take the edge off the tequila, and enough aggression from the tequila and chili to make this an adult drink. It's great as an after dinner drink. The coffee and caffeine should wake everyone up and get them talking! Most of the chocolate and expresso martinis end up a bit sickly especially if you start using things like Tia Maria or Kahlua. I've seen recipes for things like Gin-Noilly Prat as the base spirit but I don't really think these work with chocolate. Vodka adds the alcohol but doesn't add anything to the taste. The recipe above of equal quantities of Tequila-Expresso-Chocolate works for me, but do experiment.

I'm still looking for a good recipe for a straight Expresso Martini. I'll let you know.

[1]Paul A Young is currently out of stock of their wonderful Aztec-Chili hot chocolate mix as their supplier has gone bust and he's searching for a machine to make the right size of granule. I dare say there's a way of making up the chocolate mix from chocolate bars and chilis (like say Valrhona) but this is going to make the whole exercise even more of a mission as you'll have to melt the chocolate in a bain marie.

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