I keep finding the need for a Universal ID translator. What's the LinkedIn ID for this Skype ID? What's the Upcoming page for this Myspace page.

So I've been looking at people like Wink and Opinity but they haven't got the APIs I need. They are mostly collecting the data but they're laborious and there's no obvious immediate payback for trying to remember your sign-in on all those sites.

So this morning's question was whether you could introduce some social networking to get people to help with the data entry by allowing one person to fill in the details for another. If I find someone I know on the site could I put in their Skype ID for them? This bit of data obviously has less authority than data entered by the owner. But it would still be useful.

The long term goal of this is to combine the friends/contacts list from one system with the raw data from another. Can I get the Skype IDs for all of Sam's friends? Or perhaps, can I combine Plazes or Loki's location data with my friends list on Facebook with their Twitter feeds?

As an aside, the big players buying the small players is proving a real pain. I keep hitting sites where my old login doesn't work because now I've got to combine it with a Yahoo! ID or a Google ID. After being one of the early adopters on Orkut, I now can't get in no matter which of the 5 Google accounts I try and use.

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