My Soul, and 10 Other Things that Google Owns is quite a good article about the Feedburner acquisition. I added this comment.

So what's missing? A key part is presence.

- Am I online? This could come from GTalk, if it wasn't so poor.

- Where am I? does a surprisingly good job of locating me. My home location in Google Maps is another hint.

- What's my latest thought? What am I doing right now? Twitter's for sale. Will Google buy it?

- Who are my friends and followers? This is a big missing piece. Orkut-Google ID integration provides one source, but who uses Orkut any more?

And that really points up a whole area that Google ignores which is particularly important given the focus of this blog. Where's the community? I want to not just publish all the stuff above for my friends to read, but also to aggregate where all my friends are at. This comes down to two key games that people play on the net.
- "Hey, look at this!"
- "What are my friends doing?"
Does Google do anything to support these two? Or is it all a one way flow of information to Google to help them make more money?

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