I really need to float some ideas I'm mulling over about using some Twitter ideas within Skype. The fundamental is the idea of an IRC channel or Skype Public chat where the participants you see and can talk to are your contact list. So while everybody has access to this default Chat, the people you're posting to are only your contacts. It's like there's one global conversation in a huge crowd, but the only people who can hear you speak are the ones near you.

I think I can build this on the back of Mood but that's not ideal and by overloading the Mood field it will colour the nature of the conversations. I think there are some concerns about privacy and annoyance. And it will create weird conversations where if you are friends with the person talking but not the person replying you'll only see one half of the conversation.

This all comes from an irritation with Twitter that it's broadcast and hopeless for replies. But a fascination with the social part of it where the audience is people who have chosen to follow you or be friends with you.

Along the way it's produced a question about Skype. What is the hardware/software/architecture limit that means Skype Public chats are limited to 100 participants? And is it possible that a future Skype release could up this number to 1000? And what are the data flows when you post to a large chat. Do your messages go direct, or is there a kind of Chat Supernode layered on top of the Skype Supernodes.

As an interim project seeing a list of most recently changed Moods among your contacts and getting notifications when somebody changes their mood might be fun.

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