UK Political Blog Feeds now has a Google Coop Search that searches all the blog sites in the system. What I don't have yet is a good way of keeping it up to date. Maybe there's an API for adding sites but I haven't found it yet.

Of course, what I should be able to do is to just to point them at an OPML file. But that would be much too easy and they have to re-invent the wheel. I have the same problem but more so with Google Base. That system actually accepts extended RSS for entries but you can't just say "Here's an RSS feed" and have them read it. You have to FTP the feed to them and include all previous entries in the feed. It's a bulk upload, not an incremental upload.

If anyone wants to help contribute, feel free to volunteer through the Coop Search Home Page.

And BTW. I've got yet another profile to fill out for the account that owns the Coop Search engine. And the form for uploading a photo is broken. It respondes with Bad Request Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request. with both IE6 and FF2

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