Kim Cameron's Identity Weblog : New Identity Incubation Project at Apache

Hans Granqvist via Kim, "WSS4J's functionality overlaps TSIK's, but there are some differences. WSS4J uses Apache Axis as SOAP engine, and builds on the Apache XML-Security project. TSIK contains its own XML security engine as well as its own SOAP stack implementation."

Kim: To put it slightly differently, it is my hope that by implementing the Infocard Identity Metasystem components Apache would effectively build in support for the whole gamut of identity tokens, including those used by Liberty, Sxip, Identity Commons, LID and Passel. In other words, I see InfoCards and the Metasystem as a platform, not a competitor, for these other systems.

Kim: Clearly this type of involvement at Apache starts to answer some of the very legitimate questions posed to me by Julian Bond.

Um. An Identity project within Apache is to be welcomed. I don't know the reasons but I wonder why an Apache project would start with a new SOAP stack when Apache Axis is probably the most well developed SOAP stack outside MS. SOAP Interop is not easy. So starting with a SOAP stack with a lot of experience of that would seem like a good idea rather than developing another from scratch.

Lumping SXIP and LID in with Liberty (and missing out OpenID) as potential layers on top of the MS Identity metasystem seems odd to me. The technologies used are *so* different.

And the only roadmap I can see for the MS identity metasystem to support Drupal, Wordpress et al via an Apache Java identity server is for TSIK to be very widely implemented on hosted Apache installations. This doesn't seem very likely to me in the medium term let alone the long term given that Axis is pretty rare now.

So I reckon my gauntlet for Kim still lies on the floor.

Pick a very popular open source web system wth very wide deployment. It doesn't matter which, but something like Drupal, phpBB, Wordpress, Movable Type, PHP-Nuke. Now try and imagine a roadmap where Infocard gets implemented on that application and gets widely deployed.

I think we're beginning to see and understand MS' vision for the metasystem. "Here's all the heavy lifting done for you. now go and write something that uses it to provide end user services. BTW you'll be locked in to our platform and we'll be competing directly with you with our own end user service. We reserve the right to change the platform to suit our end user service but any changes will of course be documented." Sound familiar? Or am I being too cynical?

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