At the end of last week, I went live with a new site for Ecademy at The focus is on E-Commerce and Web Services, primarily in the UK. The site uses a number of our favourite technologies.

  • RSS News import from 60 or so feeds, grouped into topics

  • Slashdot style articles and comments on web services topics

  • RSS export of content generated on the site

  • Group Blogging, somewhat like O'Reilly

  • Blogger (& Drupal) API for blog input

  • Automatic ping 

  • A link to WSindex, a directory of Web Services resources on the net

    Needless to say, if anyone wants a similar niche portal for some other industry or market, I'd be happy to help set it up. For money! ;-)  

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    [ 11-Mar-02 10:03pm ]