Official Updates from Google about G+

There haven't been any more as of 8-Jan-2019.

It's 3 months today since the initial announcement from Google on 8-Oct-2018.

It's just under one month since the expediting announcement from Google on 10-Dec-2018 that chopped 4 months off the sunset date.

It's 2 months until the G+ API closes on 7-Mar-2019.

It's 3 months (ish) until Google Plus closes in April 2019. We still don't know the exact date.

We still don't know the actual mechanics of what happens on the date G+ closes. Will it go read only for a while? Will all G+ URLs return 404? Will Takeout remain available for a while?

As far as I can tell there's been no announcement about what's going to happen to G+ integration into Blogger. That's profiles, comments, widgets, share buttons and so on. There's nothing on the official Blogger blog and nothing in the Blogger product forums.

There's been no announcements about bugs, fixes or changes to Takeout. Although Google has been silently updating and breaking it.

There's been no announcement about how long Takeout will be available to download G+ content.

There's been no attempt to contact G+ users direct.

There's no indication within G+ that G+ is closing down. You would expect some kind of header warning message but there's nothing.

There's nothing in the G+ Help pages to indicate that G+ is closing down.

People are still arriving in the G+Help community saying "Is it true G+ is closing down"?

There's been no clarification and answers to all the many questions people have about the G+ Sunset and it's ramifications. Even trusted support people are having to say "we think that, maybe, we hope, etc". And this is about major issues such as whether publicly visible Profiles will survive or what happens to photos attached to G+ posts.

So that's 2 blog posts. 2 posts about the API. And that's the sum total of Google's official communications about closing a platform used by millions.

Is Google just ignoring us, hoping we'll go away?
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[ 08-Jan-19 11:39am ]