Google+ Sunset

8 months and counting till the Google+ Sunset. 2 months since the announcement from Google. And all's quiet, with no further official news or announcements.

There's a User driven, help and support community here. "Google+ Mass Migration"

Julian Bond originally shared this post:
It's 2 months now since the 8-Oct announcement of the G+ Sunset. As far as I'm aware, there has been no further official announcement from Google beyond the initial blog post and the G+ post.

At the time they said:-
We’ll post more details, including instructions for exporting and saving your personal content, right here on Google+.
But there hasn't been anything posted.

All we have seen is G+ buttons and share links slowly disappear from other Google properties.

There's a lot of questions arising. Many of them have been shared in this group. Currently, Takeout is limited and awkward. And feedback has been posted by lots of people detailing the issues. Not least is the question of what happens to G+ profiles. That's data that is shared across and used by other properties such as Gmail, Contacts, Drive and Photos. The question of how to archive and move Personal Posts and Communities to other platforms is still very much up in the open.

With Holiday season upon us, I suppose any kind of announcement or change before Jan 8 is unlikely. But each month that goes by is a month lost for us users, customers and consumers to prepare, save our data, republish it and migrate somewhere else.

8 Months and counting.

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