In case you haven't seen it. A breakdown of last Thursday's vote.

Note especially the parts about Tory-Labour and Brexit Leave-Remain. There's a clear split 2/3 Tory voted Leave. 2/3 Labour voted Remain.

Also this, among others.

2 working days in and we're into the stats analysis blame game. Again.

It's young people wot did it. Or the Remainers. Or University Towns. Or London. Or Working class in failed industrial towns. Or Social Media.


Media Bias
The press were biased against Jeremy Corbyn's Labour in the election, study finds

And that's just the print media.

Let's not forget Kuenssberg's "Shoot to kill" out of context quote, BBC Trust reprimand and then viral promotion by the Tories.

TV were masters of the snide remark, knowing smirk, "of course we all know he's unelectable" sub-text without coming right out and saying it. Even Channel 4 did this at times.

Then there's Farage. Constant attention and coverage, despite it resulting in UKIP ZERO.

But you know this.


Anyway, the bullshit is coming so thick and fast that a week can go by and you've completely forgotten the previous omnishambles as if it never happened.

This Tory car crash has been going on for at least a year now.

Thanks Farage!

Anyway. Here's a quick summary of Mrs May's "New" Bigotory cabinet.


It's #UK #politics #GE2017 , innit.
 How did this result happen? My post-vote survey - Lord Ashcroft Polls »
By Lord Ashcroft. I surveyed over 14000 people on election day who had already cast their vote to help understand how this unexpected result came about. My poll came very close to reflecting the outcome of the election, with 41% saying they had voted Conservative, 39% Labour, and 9% voted Liberal ...

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