I warned you.
Your pathetic attempt to was disgusting.Now you pay the price manager!



Send 0.1 BTC

Can i make some about Your Profile And Your Reputation or I publish all your datas

Timer 71 Hour
deadline if you not pay this period you go jail and feal my pain i sure! make 1 transaction give you chance resolve this situation procedure you must make hurry up and i am wait your transaction inform you

instruction give you

How Pay Deposit Via Bitcoin!

You must copy and paste ctrl+c and ctrl+v to make put our address via bitcoin to loading wallet deposit!
We expect you to receive payment
You have to make a payment of the agreed amount for the specified details here we give you information and inform you about our update and improvement now it's our wallet for receiving payment

Thank you for your understanding and look forward to receiving the payment from you in the shortest possible time. You need to make a payment and send the amount to this purse in the equivalent currency of the payment amount

Please,send in dollars usd/btc bit coin transaction deposit and payment will be made

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approx value this moment 210 usd
You Can Pay 0.1 bitcoin
Ok To Resolve This Situation Give You Wallet Code individual to your Profile Case if you pay 71 hour i make PAUSE CASE DONE AND FREZE But if you ignore this you get bumerang problem i Swear!

1 payment
wait incoming transaction
you must pay once and done

leave you alone and not give details about deportation you to federal jude!

you must pay btc via approx value 0.1 bitcoin

Then if you not pay this small very litle payment deposit i Can send you to prison

From: inform you <info@mobileheropost.com>

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