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We're told 16 NHS health trusts in the UK were taken out by the malware. Prime Minister Theresa May said the code "has crippled" Brit hospitals, and that Blighty's surveillance nerve center GCHQ is looking into the outbreak. The NHS is thought to have been particularly hard hit because of the antiquated nature of its IT infrastructure. A large part of the organization's systems are still using Windows XP, which is no longer supported by Microsoft, and Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt cancelled a pricey support package in 2015 as a cost-saving measure.

Cancelled in May 2015. £5.5m

* facepalm *

Please make Jeremy Hunt[1] (and the Tories) pay for this particular piece of madness in the next election.
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“In May 2015 the tories failed to renew the NHS's contract for extra security for Windows with Microsoft #nhscyberattack”

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[1]Or "Jemima Ladyparts" as I've taken to calling him.

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