Looking at the Indian Sub-Continent as a whole, it appears to contain a perfect storm of chaos factors.

- 1.6b people growing at 20m/year. Maybe 2b by 2030.

- Nowhere to go since the land routes out all involve 15,000ft passes that are closed, easily defensible and that already have military presence. Or into Myanmar which is dense jungle. Or into Iran and that route's harsh and lawless. Or into Afghanistan which is an active war zone. The sea routes are difficult, long and the likely destinations uninviting. All of which makes any mass emigration very unlikely. 

- Pollution problems (see all the main cities but especially Delhi, Karachi)

- Large areas at risk of flooding from rising sea water when they're not being flooded by the monsoon.

- One country (India) that controls water flow to two others (Pakistan, Bangla Desh)

- Dysfunctional governments

- Religion

- Nuclear weapons

- Severe and increasing danger of Black Flag weather every year. That's a combination of heat and humidity that kills humans without air conditioning.

- Mass exposure to Black Swan weather. Bangla Desh in particular is densely populated and prone to flooding. But so are the poorest states in India.

- Very rich anarcho-capitalists, in control of technological industry, powered by very large reserves of coal but with little oil.

- A proxy war zone on one porous border with Afghanistan that keeps spilling over into Pakistan with the help of US drones.

That's quite a pressure cooker.
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