A most excellent guide to understanding post-everything music reviews from the late lamented Stool Pigeon.

Found sounds -- Go out early onto the streets of Dalston one morning, and you'll find wandering herds of hipsters out recording 'found sounds' on their iPhones, which they will then use as the basis for an experimental EP in the mistaken belief that they are John Cage.

Bonus link. The achingly beautiful https://twitter.com/solovelyithurts is so lovely it hurts for surely "Pain is so close to pleasure".

And by the way. There are no Singles, Albums, EPs, LPs any more. There are just "Releases". So there's no need to put "EP" on the end of your release title. It's not "Breach - Jack EP", It's "Breach - Jack". m'kay? Calling yourself "Various Artists" or "Unknown" isn't funny, it's just irritatingly bad SEO. Same goes for over-use of triangle characters. Looking at you ∆dmin and ∆∆ That's almost as bad as calling yourself AAA Taxis (or should that be "∆∆∆ Taxis") to get to the front of Yellow Pages.
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