I used to get my Facebook's Status updates fed into a dummy Twitter account using Twitterfeed which I then follow from my main account. It seemed to stop working some time in December. When I went to check the Twitterfeed setup, the authentication for the dummy account was failing. And it had been dropped from the accounts I was following. Even stranger was that the account was read only, although there's no indication of that on the screen. You can still type in your tweet and hit submit but it's not saved.

So here's what happened. Somebody complained to Twitterfeed and then to Twitter that their Facebook Status updates were escaping out into the web. Twitter then made my dummy account read only. So I've dumped that account, created a new one, made that protected updates, followed it from my main account and started again. Twitterfeed now works again and I'm getting a flow of FB status updates again. As the dummy account is Protected and so not visible, hopefully whoever it was won't notice.

This is the problem with web based systems, especially when they have RSS feeds but even with scraping. Once it gets posted to a public website, it doesn't stay private for long or at least it's hard to keep it private.

And it's made worse because Facebook likes to present this facade that only your friends can see what's happening. If it was all open, people would be a bit more guarded about what they posted.

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