I've always been just a bit short sighted. Not serious but just enough to need glasses for driving and watching TV. Now I'm getting old enough to get a little presbyopia. So the range between distance and short sight gets narrower and narrower. Eventually you can't read close up, but can't see far away either. Welcome to bifocals. But I'm still a good few years away from that yet.

But what was really disturbing is that some time in the last 6 weeks, my right eye has decided to go wrong. I had the eye test and there's nothing basically wrong except that I've suddenly developed some astigmatism in one eye. So that's a new lens for each of my pair of glasses when they're only 5 months old. But what's worse is that working at the PC with my glasses on it's now too close to focus on. With glasses off, I'm basically reading with one eye. The solution is the second pair of glasses which I could really do without.

While all this is happening, of course you start to have all the deep fears. What if I can't read any more! What if it's a detached retina! What if I've scratched the lens (cigarette ash burn, perspex flake while working in the garage)! What if it's brain damage, hypertension, diabetes. Oh, right, that's "Man Hyperchondria". We don't go and find out what's actually wrong, we just obsess about what might be wrong.

Still. It's appeared suddenly. Maybe it will fix itself suddenly.

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