Just gone live with Twitterwhere. It tries to make it easy to post your location to Twitter so it gets picked up by Twittervision.

I mainly used it as a project to learn about OpenID. It uses OpenID for authentication with zero sign up.

In the process I discovered that Twittervision now has personal pages. eg http://twittervision.com/jbond that use the same format and name as your Twitter page.

One thing I think is missing is a map page that shows where all your contacts are currently located. Like this one on Ecademy.

While talking about this on Skype chats, I realized that
- I've given up on Jaiku because its RSS doesn't contain the poster's name in the title.
- I've given up on Pownce because of the lack of RSS
- I've given up on Plazes because it never seems to work and the UI always confuses me. How do I create a new Plaze?

The Moving to Facebook issue continues to drive high emotions. Here's the problem:-

Facebook is a Black Hole. It has huge gravity. It sucks everything into it. Nothing escapes.

I saw a Skype Mood: Lets hope MS buys Facebook so we can all leave.

Oh and Paul, in the comments I tossed in some grenades. They were misunderstood, so I posted an explanation. The explanation was misunderstood by some but others got it. Does posting a blog that repeats the misunderstood criticism of the original grenades add anything? Yes, comparing Facebook with AOL is ridiculous. Except that both systems were/are popular and both systems were/are closed silos. And yes, a Facebook page and a Blog serve different functions. One is closed, private, and largely only visible to friends, while the other is personal publishing to the world. So, yes, that's an idea for Facebook. Introduce a section that is about personal publishing to the world. And the reason for tossing that grenade in is to make the point that Facebook is "closed, private, and largely only visible to friends".

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