Inspired by Twittervision, I've been thinking too much about "Enhanced Presence".

I really want two displays and approaches. They need a Twittervision style display as well as a plain old text, web display. (And lots of REST/RSS APIs and desktop apps)
- Static Snapshot. Where are my friends? What are they doing"
- Dynamic. Which of my friends have recently updated something.

The first one is a display of all my friends at once with their last update. The second is the most recent 20 or so updates from my friends on constant re-display.

But this stuff can go much further.
- Skype and other IM systems know if I'm online.
- Google Calendar knows what I'm doing.
- (and my cellphone) know where I am.
- Twitter has my latest thought
- Any number of Social Networks know who my friends are.[1]

I can feel a mashup coming on. ;) In the short term, there's a automatic Loki to Twitter App to be built.

Key to all this is that as much as possible should happen automatically from stuff I'm already doing rather than having to specifically think "I must update that".

As usual I'm chucking this idea out and hoping it will stick somewhere. I've tried with the Skype community but they seem to be obsessed with privacy and keep saying "Yes, but". There *are* privacy issues. Some people don't want to play. Some want to show one thing to their mates, one to their boss and another to the world. But I think Twitter and Twitterlike systems (and before that Plazes) show that there is a large number of people who do want to play.

[1]Which again raises the need for a universal ID translator and ID aggregation. What's the Skype ID for this facebook ID? What's the Twitter ID for this Google Calendar ID? And then a "Friends" aggregator. This ID has these IDs as friends and those IDs as followers via these SNs.

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