Tonight I'm on the Panel of the Mashup Identity 2.0 event. I remembered going along to the first event but I couldn't remember when it was. I knew Sam Sethi spoke, so I googled for Mashup Sethi. The third link was to my own blog about the event. Voidstar - Mashup, Microsoft and Marc DonchaJusLoveIt?

Somewhat ironic then that the piece was a rant about Microsoft's Cardspace/Infocard and it's support for open standards when tonight's event is bound to mention it. Subsequent to my goading of Marc at that event and Kim Cameron, I got to meet Kim later that summer and some PHP support has appeared for cardspace. However, OpenID has grown like gangbusters in the same time and interest in Microsoft's approach feels like it's waning.

Meanwhile Google is coming up on the rails. See Sam on "GailStorm".

It looks we might be having a geek dinner after the event tonight. Try and find me, Paul Walsh, Sam Sethi or Paul Miller after the main event.

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