Put these together
- Music is one of the most searched items on Google
- Google knows about a lot of MP3s on the nets
- Google knows how to read the ID3 tags in MP3s
So Google could index all those MP3s and allow you to search on things like bitrate.

Now I can think of all sorts of reasons why Google doesn't currently do that. But somebody could. In fact somebody should.

Next stop, metadata in video leading to better video search. A which point I realized I have no idea what metadata standards there are for embedding information in anything apart from MP3. You would expect that WMA, AAC, MP4, etc etc would have a similar scheme to ID3.

There's a few private sharing systems appearing as plug ins for Skype such as Pando and SkySpace. These things allow a small group of people to share privately among themselves. What's missing in these is the ability to search for a specific file or group of files. And that's a key feature for P2P systems. It's why Soulseek works so well. It's not enough to just find a copy of John Martyn's "Sundays Child" You need to know that it's encoded with LAME -presetstandard at 192Kb VBR before knowing if it's worth downloading.

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