I've just read a story from Jim Courtney about Skype PR and the Beta 3 release. He's got a large number of snippets mostly from tech bloggers.

Cynical old me read the review snippets and had read some of them in full and thought this. The New, New, Blog driven journalism is every bit as bad as the Old, Old Mainstream journalism. The pressure to get the story out and write the review means that the analysis is very superficial and misses whole chunks of the story.

It's not just Skype. The blog view of the Zune and analysis of what it means is every bit as bad.

Seems like every time you read a story about something you actually know about, it's full of half truths and apparently written by a hack with no deep knowledge under extreme time pressure. Makes you wonder about all the stories you read on subjects you don't about in detail. And just as importantly, the world view you build up from these (intentional or unintentional) half truths, lies and mistakes.

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