Void.Bot Skype Chat Bot is a proof of concept chat bot for group chats in Skype. It's written in PHP5 connected to Skype4Com to Skype Beta 3 running on a headless server on Windows Server 2003. It's more or less stable now.

To use it, just add it to a Skype chat and type #help in the chat.

One of the bigger problems has been to keep it running. COM failures tend to crash it. And at random times it seems to just stop running. I've now got it running in a looping batch file so that if it falls over, it gets restarted.

The only other real issue with the setup is that Skype still wants the user interface on the client to recat to activity. The worst issue is requests to share details. I've dealt with this with a small Windows automation tool which watches for the request dialog and hits OK.

PHP under windows is probably not the best tool for the job. I've heard that the Bitchun folks have a native Ruby client which talks direct to the API and can be used with Skype under Windows, Mac and Linux. The Bitchun Whuffie client on Windows is written in Ruby. Even with Ruby runtime, SqlLite and the Skype i/f code it's still under 1.5 Mb. Nice.

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