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Trying to get my head round this. It feels to me like a Mobile-Telco business model. Make it really easy and frictionless to buy widgets, ringtones, games, wallpaper using Skype credit from a shop front embedded in the client. Instead of "TXT POLY3 to 810023" It's choose an entry and click on buy.

Now this is potentially great for Extra developers. They have a route to market, a shop front and somebody doing the money collection (for a price of course). My problem is that I'm their worst customer. I'm not going to spend money on ringtones and wallpaper, I don't play trivial little games, and I'm not about to buy a WeeMee. I can just about imagine buying a Premium edition of Skylook or Pamela if I have a real business need for some of their functionality. But mostly I'd use Extras because they're cool and there's source available so I can hack them into something a bit better.

So at the moment, I'm not convinced.

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