Elias Torres » Blog Archive » I'm the lazy web : Now if you want to get some of the OnlineAccount magic, add the following to your foaf:Person:

This is a neat decentralized solution to *publishing* your list of accounts. But from where I'm standing FOAF still looks like a write only format. And aggregating it still looks like a Google sized problem. To
take one example, you can use FOAF to say "Who I know". But you have to aggregate the whole FOAF universe to answer "Who knows me?". If anyone is reading FOAF in quantity and doing something useful with it, I'd love to know.

Technorati and others have shown that it is possible to build a new and innovative search engine. They've done it for blog content. I don't know of anyone who's done it for people. Here's a thought related to the idea of a universal ID convertor. Who's got all the names? There are maybe 10 players with 100m, 100 players with 10m. Anyone of these could
deliberately extend their profile information to be an open ended list of related accounts; not just homepage | blog | AIM | MSN. They could then make this info searchable.

It puzzles me that we still don't have a good schema/format/whatever for wrapping and transferring information about people from one system to another. Most of the talk around Identity is about proof, verification and ownership; Less about standards for transfer of proved information.

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