What if there were a web service that provided a universal ID lookup. eg

- Give the API a Skype ID get back the Flickr ID for the same person.
- Give the API a Digg ID get back the del.icio.us ID for the same person.
- Give the API an MSN ID get back the last.fm ID for the same person.

And so on in a big matrix of common and popular sites.

Is this a Google sized problem?

Clearly, it would have to be opt-in to avoid horrible privacy issues. It wouldn't find favour with people who want anonymity, but it would be great for those of us who want to be onymous.

I can imagine this being like a huge account profile database as in all those YASNs. And knowing all the IDs would make it possible to build an aggregation page for each person with the latest entry's RSS feed from each service for their ID.


This was prompted in my deviant brain by looking at the Programmableweb website's matrix of mashups. I noticed that the Instant Messenger systems like Skype, MSN, YM, AIM had very few entries. Now an important part of these systems is that they are very large ID namespaces. But there's very little that relates those namespaces to other Id identification elsewhere. Which makes it very hard (say) to relate a Skype ID with a Flickr ID and mashup the related info.

Is Opinity the beginnings of this?

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