Kim Cameron's Identity Weblog » Phil Becker on Identity's First Big War: a history lesson

How different would the history of the Identity wars been if Passport had used an open protocol and been implementable by service providers without asking Microsoft or using Microsoft technology? In other words, if Microsoft had gone all out to make it an Internet De Facto standard. I wonder if the data ownership issues around Hailstorm would have been seen to be less important if the whole package was easier to bolt into existing websites. As it was, only the very biggest non-Microsoft players even tried to implement Passport and they quickly found commercial reasons for why it was a bad idea. Things might have been very different if a few tens of thousands of sites had supported it.

This was all happening at the same time as the growth of RSS from a handful of sites to thousands to millions. There are lessons to be learnt there.

It's mildly irritating that I can't seem to leave this comment as acomment on the actual blog. Oh well.

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