Sharman Networks End User License Agreement for Images

Sharman Networks does not object to third party use of images in media publications, or on World Wide Web pages, so long as the use is not disparaging and provided you adhere to the following additional guidelines which may be amended from time to time.

For All Uses of Images:

This image is only available for the members of the media for use in media publications. It is not for distribution.

Credit for this image must be given to:

Belinda Mason-Lovering of Mason-Lovering Photographers

You may not disparage Sharman Networks or any of its products in your use of this image.
You should not use our images, photos, application(s), corporate name, logos, screen shots or other copyrighted material in a way that would indicate Sharman Networks' sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement of Your Product(s) or Service(s).
This image can only be used as is, and as provided by Sharman Networks, you may not alter the screen image in any way. The image must appear precisely as is does on this site.
Sharman Networks must be notified of all usage different to this EULA.

NB: If your use falls within these guidelines, no further written permission will be required and will not be forthcoming. If you need assistance interpreting these guidelines, please seek the advice of your own copyright attorney

So, saying something disparaging here about free speech, censorship or a P2P company bringing a libel suit against a website that promotes P2P would be absolutely wrong and I won't even consider it.

Actually I think she's quite a babe. Schwing!

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