Official Google Base Blog: Create ads for your itemsIf you're familiar with Google AdWords, you'll be happy to know that we're now enabling you to create AdWords ads for individually posted items in Google Base, right from the Google Base edit item page.

Very interesting. I've thought for a while that eBay should get into this business. Create Ads for a fee from eBay listings and then place them context sensitively on blogs. Of course, Google is better placed to do this. The next question is whether there's an API so you can do this automatically when you create the Base entries. Anything to improve the quality of Google Ads is welcome. As is anything that increases the inventory of much more specific Ads. I'm sick to death of "Node. Get best prices on Node at eBay" just because my main page is called node.php

Let's think about this a bit further. eBay could really benefit and pass that benefit on to their posters by teaming up with Google to automatically create Adwords Ads from eBay listings. And they should be able to get their posters to pay for it as well rather than spending huge amounts on generic Ads.

We'll even geo-target your ads to the most appropriate location. This is also significant and begs the question of just how good Google is at getting the Geo coordinates of the viewing browser. I'd really like to see this worked in with a service like Plazes that allowed the users to specify exactly where they currently are as well as just working off the IP address. If that's what they're doing.

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