Google Talkabout: Pictures, themes, and more!

Wow! Googletalk has got pictures. More Wow! You can theme the background of chats!

Come on guys WTF are you doing? How are you going to overhaul Skype like this? How about putting in some real missing function rather than screwing around. Chat Themes? Jeez!

Meanwhile MSN Live Messenger V.8 Beta is out. Doesn't look significantly different from V7.0. Hidden in there is one significant feature. You can now send a chat to someone who's offline. This is perhaps the biggest reason I like Skype so much.

Skypejournal is looking for the person with the most buddies in Skype. I know a couple with more than 1000. makes MSN's 150 limit look a bit sick.

Jyve have launched the Beta of Jyve Pro. This is a Skype add-in that lets you charge for your time on a Skype call. Very interesting possibilities here.

Interesting question on the Ecademy MacOSX forum.
Can anyone suggest an alternative to MSN Messenger for Video Conferencing. I have used ichat but it means everyone I know has to change to aol or be on .mac Note that Skype for Mac doesn't yet have video. Still. Maybe users of Macinteltoshs will need to run Parallel and have XP running in a window just so they can have the latest greatest IM system running.

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