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Jingle All The Way

I don't need to tell you that this is hugely significant. It adds P2P NAT busting and support for Audio and in the near future Video to the Jabber community. There's also the hint of a near future SIP interoperability as well. It's all open source, free to use in commercial products and has announcements of support from Gaim, Trillian and Asterix among others.

Inevitably there are questions arising
- There needs to be a Mozilla Firefox style project to produce a definitive IM-Voip product.
- Long term, how can Skype, Yahoo! and MSN compete.
- At what point do AIM and Apple join in.
- What's in this for Google?
- Where's GoogleTalk v0.2? Or does Google now get out of the Client business and just focus on running the servers?
- Google has threatened to interoperate with other Jabber servers at some stage in the future. How does this affect that?

But right now I want just one thing. A way of putting GoogleTalk/Jabber presence on a web page. And a way of clicking on that presence to launch a GoogleTalk/XMPP chat session.

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