Has anyone figured out bulk upload via FTP? I can't seem to make it work reliably.

What I want to do is a daily upload from a PHP script. The script is running, it appears to upload ok and ftp returns no errors, but Google rarely seems to process the file. And there's precious little feedback about what's going on. And when there is feedback, it's 2-6-12 hours later.

1) Are you supposed to use the same file over and over again? Or does it need a new unique filename for each upload?

2) Do you have to do one manual upload and then ftp over the same filename later? Or if you do the manual upload does that prevent using ftp later?

3) After doing an ftp upload by hand, filezilla, firefox and IE usually show no entry on the server side. What? But if you use linux ftp from the command line and do a dir / the new file is there with the correct timestamps. If you try to upload the file twice in quick succession, the second upload fails with a permissions error. Try it an hour later and it goes through as if Google is processing the previous one. But the timestamps on the web bulk upload file display don't change.

Agh! This is getting extremely frustrating and google support are not responding to trouble tickets.
The only mailing list I can find doesn't seem to be very helpful either.

If anyone can help please email julian_bond at voidstar.com

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