Dave says, Let's make the Google API an open standard. Actually let's not. Let's push Google and the other search engines to do a very similar API in ReST and in XMLRPC. Who needs SOAP? And the API itself could do with some simplification. And while we're at it let's push Google and the others to put APIs on their other services like Image Search, News Search, Blog Search, Comparison shopping (Froogle), Maps, Mail, etc, etc, etc. And let's not forget that most of these services need RSS witha simple ReST interface as well. And while I'm grumbling, that goes for Amazon and eBay too.

Which raises the big problem with Google right now. Why don't they ever finish anything? They launch some really neat stuff but so much of it hardly ever gets any more attention and rarely gets changed. Microsoft has forgotten how to ship early and ship often. But arguably Google still hasn't learnt this one.

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