Tim O'Reilly has posted Web2MemeMap on Flickr

Dave Winer says (as you'd expect!) "Note that the thing that's really going, the juggernaut that's powering the growth of the new applications of the web, isn't on the O'Reilly map. Web 2.0 is really simple, it's RSS 2.0."

I think Dave is right but only partially. There is a key thing missing off Tim's map and that's "Simple APIs and Simple Data formats.". All the best work in Web 2.0 is being done with ReST API calls returning very simple XML and often RSS. If there's a choice between ReST, XMLRPC or SOAP, the overwhelming majority of developers drop down to the simplest possible solution and use ReST.

A simple URL parameter based filter or query scheme, returning XML data in RSS is extraordinarily powerful and easy to use.

Which brings me to Amazon and eBay. Please guys, give us RSS as well your more full featured APIs. I really want simple RSS feeds of My Wishlist, My Lists, My Recommendations, My posts on eBay, My Purchases.

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