In the space of two weeks we had
- Google Talk
- Google Sidebar
- Google Desktop search V2
- MSN v7.5
- MS buy Telio (MSN to plain old telephones POTS)
- Skype Beta 1.4
- SkypeNet
- SkypeWeb
- SkypeMac 1.3
- Skype Voice Services
- AOL announce links with Jabber
- Skype bought by Ebay

Now Google + Jabber open standards IM + SIP open standards Voice/Video + Apple + AOL could be a force to be reckoned with. It'll certainly make Skype, MSN and Yahoo! scared and push them into faster innovation. And Google's use of SSL provides some encryption but with the same caveats as with Skype. The problem is that Google talk is a v0.1 Alpha. And so it's not really usable. Can Google ship early and ship often?

I'm curious to see how the eBay acquisition affects perception of Skype's encryption. I've written before that without peer review it's somewhat suspect. If the FCC and EU push for a wiretap backdoor, I don't see eBay pushing back very hard.

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