Real Tech News - Independent Tech » New FCC Ruling Forces ISPs and VoIP Services to Open Up to Wiretapping : Currently this initiative is limited to broadband users and VoIP networks that are capable of making calls to and from the traditional phone system (this would include Skype!).

We've had this discussion before. It's really hard for me to see how the FCC could impose this on something like Skype. If there's an end point in the USA such as Skype-In or Skype-Out then I can understand it. But for Skype to Skype calls, I can't see how the FCC could do this without requiring a back door in the code. Which then raises all sorts of jurisdiction issues. However, Skype may well want to have an official USA presence at some stage in the future for the VC's exit strategy. Even if there was a back door, you'd have to mirror all the traffic from one of the participants PCs to a 3rd party server for analysis. tricky to do without it being pretty obvious. And the same goes for any VOIP system that does P2P calls.

This then raises the question of how secure Skype's encryption is. It's got all the encryption buzz words but with no-peer review of the code how sure can we be about the implementation?

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