Kim Cameron's Identity Weblog : Commenting on my over-excited piece from yesterday, Julian Bond replies: Pick a very popular open source web system wth very wide deployment. It doesn't matter which, but something like Drupal, phpBB, Wordpress, Movable Type, PHP-Nuke.

This is a really good idea, Julian.

[Julian] Now try and imagine a roadmap where Infocard gets implemented on that application and gets widely deployed.

OK. I'm going to pick one of these and show exactly how I would do it.

So I threw down the gauntlet, and Kim has picked it up. In the unlikely event that we both forget about this, somebody please call us on it. I'm going to be very interested in how this plays out and which popular PHP/Perl application he uses as an example. Noting that his blog is running on Radio and that Radio has quite good SOAP-rpc support, I could be mean and suggest he Infocard enables his own blog and blog comments. But that would be mean, right?

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