In my never ending search for better slogans and epigrams, I thought up another one.

Don't give me ads in feeds, give me a feed of ads.

This is a reaction to Google adsense in feeds and the generally poor quality of adsense ads on blogs. I don't want to abuse my readers either here or on Ecademy even for money. But I do already take several composite feeds on specialist subjects from places like topix,, scraped Google News and so on. So why not have an associated feed of new ads from people working in those niches?

BTW. My favourite bit of advice comes form matchboxes. "Keep dry and away from children". A perfect rule to live by for most of us. Today I noticed that my lighter was trying to tell me something as well. There in Caps is KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN. How can I ignore this?

BTW2. So I edited this and AdSense has already targeted the post with the completely worthless:-

News Feeds. Great deals on News Feed. Shop on eBay and save.

Yeah, right. What is the point? I mean really, WHAT IS THE POINT?

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