So you're a big music fan. You've ripped all your CDs with LAME 192K VBR. You've collected (ahem) 5000 tracks and have maybe 30Gb of music on your hard drive. So back it up to DVD+R DL and it fits on 4 DVDs. By the end of this year it will all fit on one HD-DVD.

So hand that one to your friend and cut another.

Just another brick in the wall surrounding the Music Distribution business.

If DVDs are too awkward, you can get a 3.5" USB enclosure for £30, and a 160Gb drive for £50 or a 300Gb for £100. Just keep all your music and your favourite videos on that and walk it round to your mate's house. Plug it into her PC and dump the contents.

And both routes have zero chance of resulting in unpleasant lawsuits from the RIAA or BPI.

Is Sneakernet going to be the new P2P.

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