Watch out! Incoming mass hack attack

So here's what the internet has finally come to. An unpatched flaw in MS IIS has been used to attack some major websites. This turns them into infection points for Internet Explorer users via an unpatched flaw in IE6. Some of these sites are rumoured to be major banking, shopping and shopping comparison sites. The irony here is that even if you had been religiously patching web servers and IE6 installations you're still at risk because there's no patch available for either part. The virus has not yet made it into Anti-Virus packages. The only solution is to change browser. And you can bet that at least one of those sites is IE6 specific and doesn't work without IE6.

Or maybe it's all just an urban myth. Move along. Nothing new to see here. Stop using IE6. Switch to Firefox/Opera/Mozilla. Or buy a Mac. Stop using IIS. Switch to Apache. Or buy a Mac. [from: JB Ecademy]

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[ 25-Jun-04 5:10pm ]