Went to see Dauwd at Corsica Studios (London) last night. I was expecting some shoegazey UK Bass with his own tunes and remixes plus some other similar from other people, but what I got was 3.5 hours of deep house with just a couple of snatches of his own stuff. Which was nice and fun, and it turns out he's a pretty good DJ. But I don't really get how this works any more. Name producers often seem to turn into DJs when playing live, especially if they're bit downbeat. When what I was expecting was their stuff played the way it's meant to be heard on a proper sound system.

Meanwhile, Thur night Corsica is just the main room, (relatively) cheap booze, free entry for a Facebook Attend, and consequently students/freelancers/unemployed. A happy time was had by all! And while there were obvious shufflers, it was no big deal with just enough crowd and no crowding. The Funktion One was awesome. Obviously.

So what is it about Sarf' of the River that there are so many short people with tiny feet? Or were they all actually barely 16?
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