Buzz data is going to be moved to Google Drive according to an email doing the rounds. This comment caught my eye though.

"Bradley Horowitz said at the time that the lessons that Google learned from the products short existence would be used in other services like Google+"

So what features that used to be in Buzz do you wish were in Google Plus now?

1) A tab on profiles listing all my comments
2) An RSS/Atom feed of my public posts
3) Vanity Profile URLs for everyone
4) Auto-import of posts from feeds. But to a separate tab on profiles, not to our public streams
5) Easy Location tagging of public posts when using the desktop web interface.

I'm sure there's more.
[from: Google+ Posts]

[ << There's an email from Google doing the rounds about the final act for Buzz. Our old posts are going to... ] [ But as someone who was too old to be there at the time... >> ]
[ 25-May-13 8:35am ]