A year in the life of Apple

Jan: Apple announces that the SDK and toolchain for the iPhone and iTouch are free and available to everyone. Skype announce Skype4iPhone

Feb: Apple announces MacTablet, an eeePC competitor with a rotatable tablet style screen for $499.

Mar: iTMS music goes DRM free. All tracks available at 192kbps with zero DRM for $0.89 iTMS goes worldwide so anyone from anywhere can buy the same tracks at the same dollar price. Amazon announce the exact same thing but tracks are priced at $0.79

Apr: iTouch 160 announced. An iTouch with a 160Gb hard disk, a microphone and Bluetooth. Skype announce Skype4iTouch

May: iTMS offer FLAC Lossless music at $0.99. Amazon reacts by offering the same thing for $0.89 dropping MP3s to $0.49

Jun: 1000th iPhone/iTouch application announced on Mashable

Jul: iPhone Plus announced with 3G and built in GPS. First Android goes on sale. Slashdot announce hacked port of iPhone-OSX to Android

Aug: Commentators predict that Apple's new open-ness will fail and APPL will hit $200 by year end.

Sep: Apple offers official SIM-Free iPhone in all countries. Sales of high end Nokia and Blackberry go through the floor.

Oct: New MacBook Pro announced. The old MacBook Pro becomes the Macbook at $599. MacTablet Pro appears with 160Gb hard disk. MacTablet dropped to $399

Nov: In the iTMS-Amazon price war, music tracks are now down to $0.24 each. Wired announces "The End of P2P" as file sharing drops away and both iTMS and Amazon are selling record numbers of tracks. MPAA sees this and allows iTMS to go zero-DRM on video and drop video prices.

Dec: APPL hits $600

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