Battelle%u2019s 2008: No Time For Hippie Advertisers : in which Battelle talks about the state of advertising.

Something that always seems to be forgotten with AdSense/AdWords is that Google is it's own main inventory. They play both Agency and Publisher in the three cornered advertising game of Advertiser-Agency-Publisher. This almost inevitably means that while it's great for advertisers, it's not good for small to medium sized Publishers. It is possible to make good money from AdSense but only really by using dodgy SEO.

ISTM that there's still a big gap in the market for an advertising system aimed as a revenue generator for Small to Medium publishers. The sort of sites that are getting 1M impressions a month but are too small to work with the big brand agencies. I thought Adify were going this way but I've ended up being disappointed.

This also reflects a one-sided-ness in conversations around advertising. Every one wants to talk about Advertisers and Agencies need and want. Nobody wants to talk about Publishers.

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