The last couple of weeks I've been suffering from "Mouse Shoulder". My right shoulder, arm, hand and fingers have been aching and tingling. I don't touch type so I tend not to get the classic wrist RSI, but I've had this one before. I used to think it was caused by commuting on a bike (throttle and brake) into London and then spending too much time at the keyboard. But as I'm working from home these days, it must just be working at the PC. Anyway it does seem to be getting better of it's own accord.

More worrying and decidedly scary is my eyesight. About 2 months ago I got a sty in the top eyelid of my right eye. It went down and stopped being red so I forgot about it. But then I started seeing double in my right eye and couldn't focus properly. I had another eye test at Specsavers and a small amount of astigmatism and a little short sightedness had turned into a lot of astigmatism. They didn't know why, but got me a new prescription. I thought I'd better get a second opinion, and another optician immediately said the sty had left a lump in the eyelid which then presses on the lens at night and causes the astigmatism.

So then it's off to the surgery who confirms the lump needs to be excised. In his words, the NHS have to get me a consultant's appointment in a maximum of 16 weeks which is also the minimum. Any treatment is probably another 16 weeks after that. So now it's off to Bupa on the credit card and an appointment in 10 days.

It should be a simple out patient op with a local anaesthetic and a needle to remove the "grunge". Oh, Joy.

Needless to say all this is not doing my concentration any good.

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