I'm getting there with my home build recumbent. When I first rode it, it was really twitchy and decidedly scary going down hill. I tried various attempts at changing trail, but today gave up on that and fitted a 24" front wheel instead of the 20". Much better. It feels more like a bike now and is just about ride-able hands off.

I've also moved the pedals further away which has helped drive especially up hills. I'm still occasionally bumping a knee on the handlebars. Not sure how to fix that.

The chain was 2 links too short. In top gear on the front chainring and bottom gear on the mech it was all too tight and prompting the chain to jump off the bottom guide.

I've now sourced an old Estate Agent sign (Coralite) that happened to be lying on the pavement across from our house. Next step is to fashion this into a tail fairing.

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