1. DRM doesn't prevent illegal use of files, it just makes it a bit more difficult to access them.
2. All it takes is one person to crack the file and it can be made available to everyone.
3. Anyone selling content on CD is already selling unprotected files anyway.
4. DRM adds a lot of costs for content producers - Implementing DRM isn't free of course.
5. There's a huge hidden cost in trying to sell DRM'ed content
6. Often the costs of the DRM are passed along to the consumer as well.
7. DRM-free content will play on your device of today and your device of tomorrow
8. Your media devices of the future will be significantly different than your media devices of the present.
9. DRM fundamentally changes who is control of your media.
10. Whenever you buy DRM'ed content you support the system of DRM

Explanations here.

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