Ken Kutaragi, President of Sony Computer Entertainment, admitted that Sony made strategic misjudgments when it let its Media division's DRM zealousness reduce innovation and product flexibility in its consumer electronics divisions. via Techdirt.

Note that we've yet to see Sony really learn this lesson. Maybe they didn't really fall far enough to be a perfect example, but it would be good if Sony could represent an example to all those other companies that Open trumps Proprietary.

I've wondered at times if there's a constant stream of MBAs that come into business focussed on the short term gains to be had from closed proprietary systems. The individuals in this stream each has to relearn the lesson that openness results in a much larger market and much bigger long term gains But unfortunately by the time they work this out another batch of short temr focussed MBAs has arrived.

Time for Sony to go back and re-read Cory's speech to Microsoft? And time for Sony to take the fight to Apple, since Creative (for all their noise) don't seem to be able to do it.

And time for all of us to "Just Say No to DRM"

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